Ctac Belgium and Ometa join forces in a strategic partnership

5 november 2018

Software company Ometa and Business & Cloud Integrator Ctac Belgium have recently signed a partnership to help companies organise their information management more efficiently and create integrated digital workplaces. The aim is to optimise the way in which companies work together in the future, both internally and externally. It will also make overloaded mailboxes a thing of the past.

As a Business & Cloud Integrator, Ctac has an in-depth knowledge of various sectors such as manufacturing, retail, wholesale and real estate. Within these sectors, the company has gained extensive insight into the existing business processes and the associated technologies. "As a result of the fragmented landscape of business applications and the increasing speed with which information is exchanged both internally and externally, we have noticed that there is an increasing demand for structured data management and new ways to efficiently collaborate digitally," explains Frederik Depovere (Director of Sales & Business Development at Ctac).

In Ometa, Ctac has found the ideal partner to offer a solution for these challenges. Ometa has developed a no-code platform which allows business applications to be easily integrated with each other. Data from multiple systems is brought together in real-time in a new digital work environment, one where all relevant communication and documents can be added. In this way knowledge workers always have the right information at exactly the right time. "This means that the email traffic decreases drastically and it ensures that they can make decisions faster. Ultimately this stimulates efficient collaboration both within and between companies," adds Luc Deleu (CEO Ometa).

Ometa is mainly focused on the further development and innovation of its platform. In addition to the possibility to integrate numerous ERP packages, sign systems and other business applications, it also offers the possibility to add, for example, data from machines and the IoT. While Ometa is thus continuously increasing the relevance of its platform, Ctac is focused on ensuring an ever better service to its customers and the markets in which it operates. Together with Ometa, Ctac not only has an innovative platform, but also a strategic partner. Together, both companies will provide the market with new solutions for smart information management and digital collaboration.