Finally, no more uncertainty!

Profit from combining product classification standards with a PIM system.

Whitepaper PIM: Finally, no more uncertainty!

More and more companies are recognising the added value of product information management (PIM). Product information is an essential commodity for organisations who wish to provide their customers with the best service through all channels and means of communication. This is only possible if the information is clear, easy to find and easy to exchange. That’s why an increasing number of organisations are opting for a PIM system to streamline the time-consuming and costly process of collecting, enriching, sorting and publishing product information.

Does your company already use a PIM system?
Your organisation may already use a PIM system or you may be thinking about purchasing such a system. Irrespective of the phase you’re in, as a product manager, category manager or marketing manager, you may not have asked yourself how you’re going to approach the question of classifying products. Do you choose to 
classify all the characteristics of a product yourself,  or does your sector require standardised product classification?

In this white paper, we look at what you should always consider when procuring or using a PIM system to standardise product classification. We focus on the challenges you’ll face, what a product classification standard is and how you can use the power offered by your PIM system quickly and efficiently so as to obtain and keep your sector-specific product information up to date.

Note: This white paper can help you ensure that your product information is so good that customers have the right information available at all times.