Recorded Webinar 'Security in a multi-cloud environment'

Recorded Webinar: Security in a multi-cloud environment

05 June 2018 | Webinar

Currently everything is dominated by GDPR. But the security of your IT landscape goes far beyond just protecting your privacy-sensitive data. For example, how do you deal with making information available in the growing partner ecosystem? And how do you create a central overview of your security as departments increasingly select their own (shadow-) IT? You will discover the answer during the webinar.

What to expect

During the webinar you will be introduced to our brand new service for the proactive monitoring of your multi-cloud environment. This service continuously keeps track of what is happening on the dark web, detects weak spots in your landscape, and signals any significant events - across all clouds. In this way your security strategy will always move with the ever-changing laws and regulations, and with your changing IT landscape. That gives you peace of mind.


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