Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is essentially about efficient supervision of the management ('checks') and a balanced distribution of influence between the management board, the supervisory board and the General Meeting of Shareholders ('balances'). The Executive Board and the Supervisory Board are responsible for the company's corporate governance structure and compliance with the revised Corporate Governance Code. They have been accountable to the General Meeting of Shareholders in this regard since 2004.

Whistleblower Policy

When staff members detect any irregularities, they must be able to report this safely to a superior or confidential adviser without any problems. The Ctac Whistleblower Policy details how the company deals with this type of report. The priority is that passing on irregularities must not affect the employee's position. Download the Whistleblower Policy.

Disclosure policy

As a listed company, Ctac must handle all statements that may push the stock price up or down very carefully. Information must be generally accessible, up-to-date, factual and accurate. The Disclosure Policy provides a complete overview of all agreements on written and oral communication with regard to Ctac. Download the Disclosure Policy.

Remuneration Policy

Ctac's remuneration policy indicates the policy to be pursued for the remuneration of members of the board of directors and managers. Download the Ctac Remuneration Policy.

Company law and securities law

The Ctac Articles of Association are the basic rules and provisions the Ctac organisation is based on. You can download a full copy of the current Articles of Association following the deed of amendment of 6 June 2013 below. Download the Ctac Articles of Association.