Quickly and easily develop mobile apps and web apps that contain all your own data right away. It is literally a question of clicking and dragging.

High Productivity Application Platform as a Service

Do you want to be able to develop applications quickly, integrate them and adapt them to changing processes? Mendix, an advanced High Productivity Application Platform as a Service (HPaPaaS), makes it possible.


Mendix enables organisations to get their digital journey off to a flying start by offering a modern software-driven experience to customers, partners and employees. Mendix's open platform brings IT and business together in the construction, integration, commissioning and management of innovative applications – all at the rapid pace that is so essential in today's competitive market.

Standard blocks in Mendix

Mendix apps are built with easily configurable standard blocks. The back-end of the platform is integrated into your own business systems, so you can quickly and easily build mobile apps and web apps that contain all your own data right away. There's no need for programming knowledge, as building apps is literally a matter of clicking and dragging. That means even people without an IT background can develop powerful and user-friendly apps. Using these Citizen Developers makes you much less dependent on IT.

Rapid return on investment

Platform users achieve a significant ROI in just a few days rather than months. This high return on investment is based on factors including improved team collaboration, model-driven development, a Platform as a Service (aPaaS) application based on any cloud, increased flexibility and numerous different savings.

Different scenarios

There are a number of different possible scenarios in which Mendix can offer a solution. Ctac has experience with all these alternatives and can offer support in each case.

  • Fast (web) app development: with Mendix, developing and maintaining advanced, user-friendly apps is a breeze. Even for people with no IT background, it's possible to quickly develop user-friendly mobile apps and web applications that integrate seamlessly with underlying business systems.
  • Customisation of standard SAP software: do you have a core on-site SAP system with the necessary customisation, and are you considering switching to standard SAP software in the cloud? If so, you can use Mendix for any customisation you are reluctant to give up. Using Mendix for your customisation means you can keep your system landscape up to date without any problems.
  • Accelerating innovation and experimentation: if you want to experiment with a new technology on a small scale, you can quickly build an experimental web environment with Mendix. The platform is perfect for small-scale experiments.
Rapid Application Development (RAD) met Mendix

Many organizations opt for a RAD platform. This enables organizations to develop applications faster, with fewer resources and in a manageable way. But which choices are involved?

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Mendix distinguishes Ctac with the Fast Track Partner Award


Ctac received the Fast Track Partner of the Year award during the Mendix Partner Day. This prize was awarded to the Mendix partner who has shown great potential in the past year.

Discover the advantages of Mendix


Mendix is the fastest and easiest low-code platform for building and continuously improving mobile and web-apps that enables innovation on a big scale.

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