Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

You need a platform with flexible on-demand capacity and applications that are always up to date. You also no longer want to worry about or pay for maintenance. You want to implement innovations and changes more quickly and more easily. You seek to reduce your time-to-market by quickly building and implementing new apps. The metered services mean that you only pay for what you actually use. No more and no less.

What is the Microsoft Azure platform?

The Microsoft Azure platform is a versatile Microsoft cloud computing platform that allows you to offer internet services as a service, via the internet and within your own company environment. Azure consists of a comprehensive set of cloud services that allow developers and IT professionals to build, implement and manage applications from a global network of data centres.
The Microsoft Azure platform has a number of different types of services available depending on your needs and requirements. Some options are Virtual Machines, Storage, Service Bus, Azure SQL Database and Backup. The Microsoft Azure services are available both on-site and in the cloud (public, private and hybrid). A complete overview of the features, subscription forms and prices of Microsoft Azure is available on the official Microsoft Azure website.

Microsoft Azure advantages

  • Integration, security and as-a-service in one solution
  • Cloud spent management: cost control through flexibility and scalability 
  • Continuity of your business processes and systems in a multi-cloud environment
  • Ever more enriching platform
  • Available anytime, anywhere

Ctac as your Microsoft Azure implementation partner

As a Business & Cloud integrator, Ctac always takes your requirements as its starting point: What does your organisation need to make optimal use of the cloud's advantages? We then match your needs and requirements with the available Microsoft Azure functionalities. To find out more about Microsoft Azure and the implementation options, feel free to get in touch with us.


How does Azure work?


In this video you get a general image of Microsoft Azure. Azure helps developers and IT-professionals to be agile while building and implementing applications and services.

Microsoft Azure Calculator


Within the Microsoft Azure platform different services are available. With this pricing calculator you can configure and estimate the costs for the Microsoft Azure products.

Microsoft Azure Free Trial

Free Trial

Create your free Azure-account today and experience the advantages and opportunities of Microsoft Azure Cloud. Start with a free credit of €170 and get to work with 12 months of free services.