New solutions are not possible without introducing changes. Change hurts. We do things differently.

Our point of view

Change profile

The most important part of your project team is its members. But are they also the best ambassadors for change? What resources do they need to fulfil their role as effectively as possible? We organise a workshop to help identify individual change profiles. We then collect these profiles in a report that makes it clear which ambassadors need to be equipped with what particular resources to be able to work as effectively as possible.

Impact analysis

All changes involve people, processes and technologies. We assess the level of impact using criteria that are relevant to you. We then link this impact to the changes themselves and draw up a top 10 list of the changes with the highest impact. This allows us to make efficient use of the limited time and capacity available to your project team, so that these changes can successfully take effect.

What if new changes come to light during the project? If necessary, we can add them to the top 10 by introducing them into the overview and assessing them. In this way, the impact analysis becomes a living document throughout the entire project..

Change plan

Once the change profile and impact analysis have been completed, we work with you to draw up a change plan focusing on specific actions. This ensures that the people involved in the changes are adequately prepared. The actions in the plan are designed for the ambassador and are tailored to the target group. The intensity of the plan is aligned with the impact. We also keep the budget in mind – in this regard, too, the users are the core focus. The intended actions create a base of support and allow everything to be implemented smoothly.

Hooray, we’ve gone live!

Blog - 4 September 2018, Richard Benschop, 2 min reading time

Success should be celebrated. It is even recommended by Kotter, who ranked it in 6th place in his 8-step plan for the successful implementation of changes in organisations.

Students break world record at Ctac


Thirty-five students of primary school De Lispeltuut in Hedel were given the chance at Ctac to break the world record programming.