PIM solutions

The customer journey is changing rapidly. There are more traditional and digital sales channels available than ever before. What's more, consumers no longer think in terms of channels.

Customers have less brand loyalty

Research by Google has shown that people have less brand loyalty and are more likely to rely on brands that provide the right information. This means it is essential to offer the right product information through all your channels.

PIM solutions

In practice, product information is often still entered into different systems.This is prone to errors and leads to fragmented information. With a PIM system, you can create a single central location for all your product information and manage all relevant product information from a single platform. As a result, all your product information is consistent across different systems and you can easily publish the right data to all sales channels. 

A PIM system helps you to streamline the entire customer journey even more effectively. This allows you to create a first-class shopping experience both online and offline and provide real-time information in every sales channel. This could include e-commerce platforms, online partners and your POS cash register system. You can also reproduce the content in offline material, such as brochures, product sheets and catalogues. A PIM can offer added value wherever you have to deal with a large or highly varied product range and/or multiple brands, languages and channels.­

Did you know?

  • Customers only come into contact with your product or brand very briefly.
  • People no longer think in terms of channels, but in terms of products, services and brands.
  • Your customers have become less loyal. Their purchases depend to a large extent on whether you provide the right information.
  • 87% of the digital channels push customers to physical stores.
  • 82% of the customers in the store use their mobile phone as shopping assistant.

The future of PIM

Consumers have become less loyal. What's more, your potential customers only come into contact with your product or brand very briefly. You need to know how to arrest their attention in these micro-moments. This means that people are more likely to rely on brands that provide the right information – no matter who they are. That's why it is important for you to stand out by providing the right product information. Your customers no longer think in terms of channels, but in terms of products with the right product information. 

SAP Marketing Cloud

Analyse each customer in all channels to identify each contact opportunity, including previous purchases, implicit purchase signals observed during recent browsing sessions or social media comments about your product or brand.

inRiver PIM

The modern Product Information Management-platform (PIM) from inRiver helps manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers streamline the complete purchasing process for their customers. Online, but also for catalogue and POS.

Whitepaper: Surprise in customer interactions

The how and why of Customer Engagement in Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturing.

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